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Word Flip Game Review

I am always on the lookout for games that reinforce reading skills.  I was at a run for a local charity (I actually completed the 5K) and Discovery Toys was an exhibitor. A lot of the toys were for younger kids but I did find the Word Flip game.

Every day we work on sight words, do his spelling worksheets and together. It is a slow and steady process for Joey to learn to read. Becoming a reader is directly linked to Joey’s future independence. So we are always on the lookout for new ways for him to learn words and keep the practice of learning to read interesting.

We tested the Word Flip game by Discovery Toys.

The game is similar to Wheel of Fortune. Instead of a wheel, you roll dice and flip down the corresponding tiles to reveal the letters behind them. When you have flipped down enough letters, you can try to identify the word.

How to play

Start by flipping all the tiles up to cover up the word. Slide a word card behind the tiles. Each person takes turns rolling the dice, adding or subtracting to determine which tile to flip down. Once a tile is flipped, either a letter or blank space is revealed. The player who guess the word right first wins.

How to adapt the game for early readers

Since Joey doesn’t know a lot of words yet, we play so that the person who flips down the most tiles with letters behind them wins. This approach gives him opportunities for success and positive experiences with letters and words. We make sure to call out each letter that is revealed and to “discover” the word together at the end to ensure he is introduced to new words

The game also includes three laminated cards with empty squares so players can write in their own words. This is a great way to practice his sight words and enjoy quality time.

Joey’s review of Word Flip

Word Flip is a fun educational game that Joey can play with us and he really enjoys it. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued but you can still get it off Amazon and Ebay. There are a number of educational word games available. I am looking forward to trying out more. One day, Joey and I will be playing Words with Friends together.

What games do you play to help teach reading? 

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