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Helping moms to embrace joy and purpose among the challenges of raising a child with "extra" needs.

Get the tools for you and your family to survive and thrive with a clear direction toward a life designed for joy.

Design Your Life of Joy!

Design Your Life of Joy!

You commit your lives to your children with developmental disabilities and in the process, you often lose yourselves. As a Special Needs Life Coach, I can help you get your life back. Learn how I can help you design a life of joy

Learn about Coaching.

Plan for the Future with Your Child

Plan for the Future with Your Child

I work with families to ensure that they, and their children or adults with special needs, have access to the support, encouragement, resources, and knowledge to lead happy fulfilling lives.

Learn about person-centered planning.

Enjoy Inspiration & Information!

Enjoy Inspiration & Information!

Sharing interviews, stories, tools, and resources through content that inspires and encourages.
I don't have it all figured out, and often we are a hot mess, but hopefully, I can provide some joy, laughter, and maybe a few good solutions and ideas along the way! We are in this together.

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Do You Sometimes Feel Lost?

Being a special needs parent is both joyful and overwhelming. We are juggling jobs, partners, siblings, and all the extras that come along with having a child that needs extra support – the therapy sessions, paperwork, IEPs, and more. It is easy to get lost in day-to-day activities and issues only to one-day suddenly wonder “how did we get here?”. We need an intentional plan to guide us in the direction we truly want to be.

We can either get dragged along by the next priority and never really get where we want to be. Or we can follow the Dezined4Joy philosophy and intentionally plan the lifestyle we desire for ourselves and our families. 

Are You Lost

Ditch the Overwhelm and Get Direction

Dezined4Joy helps special needs families survive and thrive by outlining a clear direction toward a life designed for joy. We work with parents and individuals through coaching, vision mapping, life planning, and person-centered planning.

How we do this:

  • Coaching
  • Person-centered Planning
  • Useful, educational, and inspiring content
  • Workshops & webinars
  • Speaking at women’s groups, conferences, and events
  • Advocacy

We also share information, tools, and encouragement with special needs moms to live an intentional and joyful life and create a world where there is appreciation, inclusion, and acceptance for people living with disabilities. We can get there by teaching a valuable lesson – we are all designed for joy.

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