Coloring your hair at home during social distancing?

A custom hair color kit is a good option for coloring your hair at home.

We are five weeks into social distancing in Georgia and we are starting to see people take drastic measures with home haircuts and color. I know my hair was showing it! While scrolling on social media, an ad for eSalon offering a discount on custom color caught my eye. I was feeling adventurous, so I said: “what the heck? My gray is showing!” Have you resorted to coloring your hair at home yet?

During this uncertain time, when we are serving many roles and living with an underlying uneasiness, self-care is really important. So, when you start feeling a little not like yourself, a little pampering with a custom at-home kit may be just the remedy!

How eSalon color works

I clicked through to the eSalon website and was directed to a questionnaire about my hair type, hair color, eye color, etc. I even uploaded my photo to the colorist. Based on the information I provided, eSalon gave me several choices of color. I wanted to keep a similar color, so I chose dark blond, natural copper. I also ordered a salon cape and a root touch up color spray for a discounted total of $30.00.

The kit came in a small pink box. It included a cute poem inside, custom directions, and the name of the colorist who mixed my color. My name was even on the color bottle – Jennifer’s color.

Inside the kit:

The kit included a cape, root touch up spray, gloves, an application brush, color, developer, mixing tray, color remover wipes, color blocker, shampoo, and conditioner.

I followed the directions to mix and apply the color and waited 30 minutes. Next, I added water to the remaining color and poured it all over my head working it through. After rinsing, I shampooed and conditioned. Finally, I blew my hair dry.

The Result? My hair turned out soft and the color is beautiful. The tone of the color is rich, light, and multidimensional. #colorhappiness

Jennifer Sheran's hair color results with eSalon
Jennifer Sheran after coloring hair with eSalon

My verdict is thumbs up!

I am happy with the results and feel just a little more like myself – even if I am still switching from day pajamas into night pajamas! We need to find joy where we can. Looking good and feeling good, brings a bit of joy.

I give eSalon a thumbs up for the whole experience. When I logged into my account on the website, they even suggested a highlight/lowlight kit to try with my color next time. I will definitely use it again.

What do you think?

Note: I am reviewing this on my own. I was not compensated in any way for sharing my opinion.

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